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A Trump-Kim Summit Could Unfreeze Mining Riches on the Korean Border UN sanctions have hurt minerals businesses where China meets North Korea. The talks could change that.

Bloomberg Businessweek's Dexter Roberts travels to the tense China-North Korean border for a look at how talks could spark an economic boom 

What Happened to China’s Baby Bump?

Even as China lifts the One-Child policy, people are not having more children. That's troubling for China's economy.

Where ‘Made in China’ Means Flying Cars and Automated Pharmacies Guangzhou, a major manufacturing hub, is doling out subsidies and free land as it sets out to retool its economy.

China's sweeping industrial policy and ambitious plans to become a global tech power are on display during a recent visit to the southern powerhouse city of Guangzhou, Guangdong 

Beijing Wants One Union to Rule Them All

China is determined to squelch a growing labor movement--and replace it with its own Party-sanctioned union

China’s Factory Workers Head Home: Migrants from the interior return to set up businesses

A look at how China's hundreds of millions of migrants are returning to the countryside and the challenges that may bring them