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Recent media appearances



DW News - with Melissa Chan, September 23, 2020 | Talking about China, Taiwan, and the United States


Wion News  - with Palki Sharma, July 22, 2020 | #DecodingChinaWithWION | Is China's rise myth or miracle? Dexter Roberts


India Today TV - Newstrack with Rahul Kanwal, July 11, 2020 | Can India Bear 'China Boycott' Call?: Experts On India Today Share Insights

Because of China's aggressive military posturing, India and other countries are finding to difficult to decouple the economies from China. Amid the boycott calls throughout the country, will India be able to break the dependence on China and how do we ensure that it will be successful?


Fox News - Your World with Neil Cavuto, May 25, 2020 | Tensions between US and China escalate amid Beijing's latest crackdown on Hong Kong
New round of protests in Hong Kong as China pushes additional security laws; insight from Dexter Roberts, senior research fellow at The Atlantic Council.


CNN International - Quest Means Business, March 11, 2020 | China to close all temporary hospitals in Wuhan

 China said it will close all temporary hospitals in Wuhan, the initial epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. Author of "The Myth of Chinese Capitalism" Dexter Roberts said the initial response by China was an "enormous mess up."


 Cheddar TV - Big News, March 10, 2020 | Disruptions in Supply Chain Have China Pushing To Restart Activity

 The coronavirus is not only a global health crisis but an economic one as well. And this week Pimco warned it's only going to get worse for the economy.. with the quote 'distinct possibility' of a technical recession in the first half of this year. We spoke to Dexter Roberts, Author of 'The Myth of Chinese Capitalism' and Former China Bureau Chief at Bloomberg BusinessWeek.


The Hill TV's "Rising" with Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti, March 15, 2020 | How multinational corporations partner with China to exploit workers.




BBC World Service Newshour, January 5, 2021 | The disappearance of Alibaba's Jack Ma (starts at 18 min mark)


NPR Marketplace, April 28, 2020 | Chinese factories are returning, but global supply chain remains uncertain


NPR 1A, March 13, 2020 | The News Roundup -- International

 The World Health Organization has now classified the COVID-19 viral disease as a pandemic.  Dexter Roberts, former China bureau chief for Bloomberg Businessweek; fellow, Mansfield Center; author, "The Myth of Chinese Capitalism" joins 1A to discuss.


PRI's The World, March 31, 2020 |  China steps up support as US and Europe struggle to contain COVID-19.


Fox News Radio, April 1, 2020 | The Brian Kilmeade Show.


Wharton Business Daily on SiriusXM Business Radio, May 26, 2020 | Why China is pushing a national security law in Hong Kong despite its unpopularity, the swelling protests and the response of the U.S. 


Wharton Business Daily on SiriusXM Business Radio, April 9, 2020 | China's economy, covid-19, and why GDP won't keep growing without better integrating China's migrant workers


Bloomberg Radio - Bloomberg Businessweek, May 29, 2020 | China's national security law and what it means for U.S. business and Hong Kong's future


Bloomberg Radio - Bloomberg BusinessWeek, April 16, 2020 | Covid-19 and China's Response


Bloomberg Radio - Bloomberg BusinessWeek, March 12, 2020 | Coronavirus Shines Light on China's Lack of Equality

 Dexter "Tiff" Roberts, Fellow at the University of Montana, talks about his book "The Myth of Chinese Capitalism: The Worker, The Factory and the Future of the World." He explains how the impact of the coronavirus in the nation has further exacerbated the divide between the people in the city and rural residents.


The John Batchelor Show, March 11, 2020 | The vulnerable and untrustworthy PRC supply chain. Dexter Roberts

What can China do to recover from the disaster of the pandemic? Dexter Roberts
The troubled future of the Migrant Workers of the PRC. Dexter Roberts.


The John Batchelor Show, March 17, 2020 | PRC expels US reporters during the virus crisis. Dexter Roberts, author,"The Myth of Chinese Capitalism;" former Bloomberg Beijing Bureau Chief.




Montana Free Press

Montana Lowdown: Journalist Dexter Roberts on Chinese capitalism and the Montana connection, March 10, 2020


Asia Society

Asia In-Depth Podcast: The Myth of Chinese Capitalism, March 19, 2020



Dollars & Sense Podcast: How will the Chinese economy rebound from Covid, March 23, 2020



Sinica Podcast: Dexter Roberts on 'The Myth of Chinese Capitalism', March 26, 2020


Smart People Podcast

Dexter Roberts - China, the Coronavirus, and the Global Economy, April 5, 2020



The Myth of Chinese Capitalism: The Worker, the Factory, and the Future of the World, April 9, 2020


Reuters Breaking Views Podcast

Breakingviews - The Exchange: Blue-collar China, May 5, 2020


Contrarian Investor Podcast

Chinese Economic Reforms Are Already a Thing of the Past: Dexter Roberts, May 20, 2020 


Institutional Real Estate Podcast

Author Spotlight: Dexter Roberts on the myth of Chinese capitalism, May 28, 2020



The Myth of Chinese Capitalism: the Worker, the Factory, and the Future of the World, June 9, 2020


USC US-China Institute

China Life Podcast: Covering China's Economic Boom, July 6, 2020


Lowy Institute Covidcast

Lowy Institute senior fellow Richard McGregor sat down with Dexter Roberts to discuss his new book, The Myth of Chinese Capitalism: The Worker, The Factory and the Future of the World. Roberts was based in China for more than two decades reporting for Bloomberg Businessweek, July 31, 2020          




Foreign Affairs, April 8, 2020 | Don't Count on China to Lift the Global Economy: A Vast Rural Underclass Is Dragging Down Growth

DEXTER ROBERTS is a former foreign correspondent in China and the author of The Myth of Chinese Capitalism: The Worker, the Factory, and the Future of the World (St. Martin's Press, 2020), from which this essay is adapted.


The Wall Street Journal Weekend Review, March 6, 2020 | The Discontent of Migrants Looms over China: The coronavirus has exacerbated the economic divide between middle-class urbanites and the country's rural underclass

 This essay is adapted from Mr. Roberts's new book, "The Myth of Chinese Capitalism: The Worker, the Factory and the Future of the World," which will be published on March 10 by St. Martin's Press.  


LA Review of Books, April 16, 2020 | Ten New Non-Fiction Books Not About Plagues


The Wire China, April 12, 2020 | Essential New Reading on China


Axios, March 4, 2020 | China's apartheid system was key to its economic explosion, new book argues

 What Beijing has touted as a better model of economic growth is actually based on systematic exploitation of its rural population, writes Dexter Roberts, a former Bloomberg China correspondent. His book, "The Myth of Chinese Capitalism: The Worker, the Factory, and the Future of the World" is slated for release on March 10 by St. Martin's Press.  


Financial Times book essay, March 24, 2020| How durable is China's capitalist model?

Reuters book review, March 27, 2020| Épater la bourgeoisie


Earlier media appearances


"Experts: Economic impacts from coronavirus hitting China hard; also felt in Montana," Missoulian on February 29, 2020


Call-in radio show on KGVO Talk Back on February 26, 2020 (starts -55:00)


"Panelists: No 'big wins' in trade war; ag threat remains," Missoulian on November 19, 2019


Call-in radio show on KGVO Talk Back on September 25, 2019 (China portion starts -55:00)


Call-in radio show on KGVO Talk Back on August 28, 2019


Elevate Leadership Series 2019: New York

Keynote: Dexter Tiff Roberts

Date: Thursday Aug. 1, 2019

Time: 9:30-10:15

Location: New York Stock Exchange

video clip of keynote


"Technology As A Tool For Control"

clip 1 clip 2 clip 3 clip 4 clip 5

Tiananmen Square Thirty Years Later: Is The Past A Portent Of An Even More Authoritarian Future? Overseas Press Club of America, on May 9, 2019


 "University of Montana conference forecasts trouble for China," Missoulian on April 20, 2019


Call-in radio show on KGVO Talk Back on March 13, 2019 (starts around 10:00)


Call-in radio show on KBUL NewsTalk on November 16, 2018


"Missoula native and China bureau chief looks at that nation's economic future," Missoulian on Nov. 12, 2018


Call in radio show on KGVO Talk Back on September 12, 2018 (starts around 32:00)


Bloomberg's Dexter Roberts interviews Infiniti President Roland Krueger on his company's plans for China on April 19, 2018




NPR's Morning Edition: How many Chinese companies have already bought U.S. businesses? David Greene talks to Dexter Roberts, Beijing bureau chief for Bloomberg Businessweek, about Chinese investment in the U.S. on May 30, 2013